Everything you wanted to know about the new IE8 InPrivate browsing feature that is apparently going to be part of IE8 Beta 2:

Have you ever wanted to take your web browsing “off the record”? Perhaps you’re using someone else’s computer and you don’t want them to know which sites you visited. Maybe you need to buy a gift for a loved one without ruining the surprise. Maybe you’re at an Internet kiosk and don’t want the next person using it to know at which website you bank.

Some of the specific features mentioned include:

  • InPrivate™ Browsing lets you control whether or not IE saves your browsing history, cookies, and other data
  • Delete Browsing History helps you control your browsing history after you’ve visited websites.
  • InPrivate™ Blocking informs you about content that is in a position to observe your browsing history, and allows you to block it


  • InPrivate Subscriptions allow you to augment the capability of InPrivate Blocking by subscribing to lists of websites to block or allow.

Channel 9 has also posted a 38 minute video talking about these features and privacy for IE8.

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