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IBM teams with Linux firms for Microsoft-free PCs
… an opportunity due to the unpopularity of Windows Vista and the recent success of Linux-based efforts from IT distributors in the UK and Eastern Europe. …
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Hackers squeeze Windows Vista onto PS3 – London,UK
Enterprising PS3 hackers have convinced Sony’s console to run Windows Vista, effectively turning the game machine into a PC. A very slow PC. …
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Mojave just part of Microsoft’s much-needed makeover marketing …
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
B&M also has a lot more work to do in countering the allegation that Windows Vista is as a dud. The truth is, the OS never should have been installed on the …
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WindowBlinds 5.5 Review
Extreme Tech – USA
WindowBlinds 5.5 uses its own alpha blending and skinning techniques, which translate neatly to the Windows Vista GUI—some, like transparencies, …
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Jamie’s Random Musings on Video IM
Please give Vista another try". I have said before, and I genuinely mean it, I would like for Vista to work properly. It has been a few months since I last …
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Windows Mojave experiment bluffs users into liking Vista – Bristol,UK
Microsoft must be concerned about public acceptance of Windows Vista, judging from the publicity surrounding the user test results for a fictional new …
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Windows Vista Videos Channel on YouTube
A dedicated channel on YouTube where videos related to Windows Vista and marketing campaigns featuring the product can be found.
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Virtual Pc Vista Sp1
John Howard – Hyper-V and virtualization blog : Deploying Windows … Jul 3, 2008 … The Windows Vista SP1 Integration Services for Hyper-V RTM are in a … Below is a Windows Server 2008 virtual machine with vmguest.iso … …
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Windows Vista Deployment Series
By jpaloma
I will write in my blog a series discussing Windows Vista Deployment. It’s just lately that I get to study through and through the different methods on how to automatically deploy Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. …
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Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility
Microsoft Windows Vista page with information about device and hardware compatibility for the current operating system software application.
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An exercise in futility: installing Windows Vista on PS3
By Andrew Yoon
Yet, mopx0 has decided to give it a try with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista. To say it runs slow would be an understatement, as booting the resource-heavy OS takes 25 minutes on the system. To run Notepad emulated on the PS3 …
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