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The Post-Standard – – Syracuse,NY,USA
The quiet majority of millions and millions of Windows Vista users out there are going to have a great experience," Brooks said. …
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Microsoft upset over HP, Dell packaging Windows XP over Vista – Sydney,Australia
By Justin Montgomery While Microsoft recently reported it has collectively shipped some 180 million units licensed with Windows Vista, the numbers might not …
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DirectX 11 optimises for multithreading and GPGPU – UK
This means that those who own Vista and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 7 will still be able to get the benefits of the latest DirectX. …
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Windows Vista ranked Microsoft’s safest operating system
TopNews – Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India
Kiel, Germany – Windows Vista is the safest Microsoft operating system available, according to an online test conducted by the Association of German Network …
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Windows Vista’s unfair rap
MyADSL – Melville,South Africa
Fact is, Vista’s not all that bad. Now Microsoft has had enough, and is fighting back. The negative press about Windows Vista has arrived in an almost …
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Windows Vista Features for XP
By Jason
For custom themes, check out our tutorial on enabling custom themes on Windows, and see the DeviantART search for Windows Vista. A quick run through this Vista Transformation pack will also turn XP’s interface into that of Vista Aero. …
Third Error –

Why You Must Change to Windows Vista
By titanic
WINDOWS Vista is an operating system. As such, it’s responsible for managing all the operations on your computer system your software, your hardware, and all the file management tasks you initiate. When you click a mouse button, …
Bloggeraz –

Amazing Reviews for Creating Vista Gadgets
By Rajesh Lal(Rajesh Lal)
This book is a wonderful introduction to the entire process of creating a gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar. I was a program manager for the Sidebar project, and the information Rajesh sets out is excellent. …
Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets –

Tricks of the MS: Windows Vista Masters
By dianbintoro
All over the world, Windows gurus have been working overtime to uncover the hottest new Windows Vista tips, tricks, and tweaks.Now, J. Peter Bruzzese has collected all their best discoveries in one place: Tricks of the Microsoft Windows …
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Mac Pro, OS X & Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
By The Computer Audiophile
Windows fans can no longer say Computer Audiophile is too focused on Macs. I now have Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit installed and I’m working on getting excellent audio reproduction as you read this. I picked up a Mac Pro for my main …
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