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Memo To Ballmer: Microsoft Doesn’t Control Its Own Destiny
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Microsoft depends on developers to create the software that makes Windows attractive to users. Ballmer understands that when he says, "We also have to drive …
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Microsoft says FireFox, SaaS, are competition to Windows Vista – Sydney,Australia
While it’s unclear why Microsoft would deem FireFox a threat to Windows Vista, it’s likely the latest push for so-called “cloud computing” would be to blame …
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Microsoft Calls Firefox Competitor To Windows
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Microsoft characterized Windows Vista adoption in the last year as "widespread." Whether that means Microsoft’s operating systems are continuing to be well …
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I say crapware; you say ‘performance enhancer’
“Both Windows Vista and Windows Live OneCare … offer some new innovations to help improve PC performance by making it easier to turn off and remove …
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Vista ReadyBoost and shadow copies work for me
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Windows Vista has been taking plenty of heat in InfoWorld, and not without some justification. Yes, it needs lots of hardware. …
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What’s Wrong With Microsoft’s ‘Mojave Experiment’? – USA
By Mike Elgan: More stories by this author: The conventional wisdom about Microsoft Windows Vista is that it’s a mixed bag, and generally inferior to …
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Microsoft offers Vista tuning tips – Sydney,Australia
By John Lister Microsoft has published a 14-page guide to tuning up Windows Vista on your system. It contains some useful tips, though many of them are …
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Is 64-bit Vista ready for take off? – UK
Anyway, according to Chris Flores on the Vista team’s blog: 20% of new Windows Vista PCs in the US connecting to Windows Update in June were 64-bit PCs, …
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Windows Vista 64-bit Today
By ShaDow(ShaDow)
We’ve been tracking the change by looking at the percentage of 64-bit PCs connecting to Windows Update, and have seen a dramatic increase in recent months. The installed base of 64-bit Windows Vista PCs, as a percentage of all Windows …
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WIndows Vista Aero Black 1.0 (Beryl Emerald Theme)
Theme Emerald Windows Vista Aero Black Italiano: Tema Emerald Windows Vista Aero Nero. Content –

20 Ways to Increase Windows Vista Performance
A Guide which offers 20 ways to increase your windows vista performance and speed.
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Windows Vista Live Icons – Demo
In previous demo, we saw how Instant Search in Windows Vista makes day-to-day life easier. In this video Esther talk about Live Icons, which makes searching even faster by letting you see a preview of the files you’re searching for. …
D’ Technology Weblog –

Windows Vista Deployment Series: Part 3 – Adding and Testing …
By jpaloma
The necessary files are boot.wim from the Windows Server 2008 CD \sources folder and install.wim from the Windows Vista CD \sources folder for the boot and install images respectively. Do not use the boot.wim from the Windows Vista CD …
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