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New Search Site, Vista Redux, Guitar Hero Preview
PC World – USA
Have you upgraded to Microsoft Windows Vista? If not, are you willing to give Vista a chance? As usual, some readers say that Vista’s terrible, …
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Microsoft market research: the joys of Vista
Heise Online – Hannover,Germany
In an effort to polish the battered image of Windows Vista, Microsoft has released videos of an experiment christened "Mojave" as part of a new advertising …
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Windows Vista: What’s With The Negative Dogmata? – Newton,MA,USA
Some key qualifiers before proceeding: I ordered a system with Windows Vista pre-installed; I didn’t attempt to upgrade an existing Windows XP-based PC to …
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Practical tips for migrating to a new Windows Vista notebook
ZDNet Asia – Asia
I have recently migrated to a new Windows Vista notebook and I’m still having problems working on it. So allow me to share my Vista migration tips, …
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Is Microsoft’s ‘new’ Mojave better than Windows Vista? – UK
Then Microsoft revealed the truth: Mojave was actually Windows Vista. "You got me," said one. "It’s totally different than I had heard," said another. …
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Microsoft’s Mojave moves to improve Vista image
CCL Online – UK
Microsoft went on the offensive with a series of videos this week detailing the changing attitude of people towards their Windows Vista operating systems. …
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Microsoft to Users: Give Vista a Try, Please…
PC World – USA
The Microsofties are appealing to you to try Windows Vista. You’ll really, really like it, they insist. They’ve gone out of their way to prove to you that …
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Take advantage of multiple monitors with Vista’s Remote Desktop
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
If you’re using multiple monitors as a part of your system set up and you regularly connect to other Windows Vista or Windows XP via Remote Desktop, …
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Parm’s 10 useful freeware applications for Windows Vista
HEXUS – London,UK
Yeah, yeah, I heard that collective moan; why Windows Vista? Well, it’s simple really, I’m using Windows Vista and just so happen to prefer it over Windows …
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Suddenly, 64-bit Windows is mainstream
Last year, x64 editions of Windows Vista were hard to come by and seen as mainly for early adopters. This year, with little warning, the tide seems to have …
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Video: Windows Vista running well on a tablet, gasp
By Nicholas Deleon
Windows Vista gets a lot of stink for being too resource demanding, something this video here tries to dispel. This 12-minute video shows a Willcom D4 (1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM) running Vista, going through various …
CrunchGear –

Windows Vista Instant Search – Demo
Windows Vista Instant Search is really a cool feature that brings the search capabilities built directly into the OS help in locating the documents, music files, photos, emails and whatever else you’re looking for quickly. …
D’ Technology Weblog –

DOWNLOAD: Windows Vista Performance & Tuning Guide
If you’re one of the people that still hasn’t been able to figure out how to tune an installation of Windows Vista for performance (and you call yourself an IT Professional? <grin>) we’ve made it pretty straight forward for you with …
Kurt Shintaku’s Blog –

Windows Vista 64-bit Today
By Chris Flores
We’ve been tracking the change by looking at the percentage of 64-bit PCs connecting to Windows Update, and have seen a dramatic increase in recent months. The installed base of 64-bit Windows Vista PCs, as a percentage of all Windows …
Windows Vista Team Blog –

Windows Mojave… the great new version of Windows [Vista]
By Mark Wilson
You see, Windows Vista is doing fine. It’s sold 180 million copies and, comparing percentage market share, Vista is up on where XP was at the same point in its lifecycle but it has suffered from some very bad press. …
Mark’s (we)Blog –

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Windows Vista: Choose an Edition
No matter how you use your PC—from home entertainment to business productivity—there’s an edition of Windows Vista that’s right for you.