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HP: Windows XP accounts for majority of Vista sales
PC Pro – London,UK
"It’s important to note that we’ve sold 180 million copies of Windows Vista so far, 40 million of which were in the last quarter alone, and that there are …
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Microsoft aims to dispel Vista myths
PC Retail – Hertford,England,UK
What Microsoft didn’t tell them is that what they were actually using was Windows Vista, in an attempt to shatter some of the myths surrounding the …
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Windows "Mojave:" Another sign that Microsoft just doesn’t get it
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Unsuspecting XP users who have supposedly dismissed Windows Vista, sight-unseen, because they heard somewhere — from a friend, on the Internet, …
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Platform: Windows XP,Windows Vista
PC Authority Business Centre – McMahons Point,NSW,Australia
12Ghosts is a collection of over 90 Windows extensions, neatly packaged into one program. They can be run simultaneously or individually, as you require. …
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The Best and Worst Tech Support in America
PC Magazine – USA
Our readers appear to be growing more accustomed to Windows Vista. Last year, only 68.3 percent of respondents felt Vista worked right out of the box on a …
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Vista ‘perfection’ dream over for iPhone?
Register – London,England,UK
… More by this author An iPhone hacker claims to have been told by Microsoft’s legal team to stop giving broken handsets a Windows Vista make over. …
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Eee PC 1000H Runs Vista Home Prem…
LAPTOP Magazine – New York,NY,USA
So loading Vista Home Premium onto the Eee PC 1000H was my weekend activity. Installing Windows Vista Home Premium onto the Eee PC 1000H was a breeze and …
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Samsung Q1 Ultra shows businesses some love
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
The latest, announced Monday: the Q1U-CMXP, notable for its integrated HSDPA cellular modem, and the Q1UP-V, a Q1 Ultra Premium running Windows Vista …
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Faqs! Facts! Fax! My Firefox love – United Kingdom
If their PC uses Windows Vista you are off to a flying start because each User Account has a useful set of Parental Controls that includes an Internet timer …
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RE: I can understand… – USA
What I am confused about is why they compromised so much with Windows Vista. Windows Vista should have stripped all backwards compatibility out and removal …
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Windows ‘Mojave’ Video Posts
By Chris Flores
We interviewed and polled 120 participants in San Francisco, in hopes of better understanding everyday users’ perceptions of Windows Vista and seeing whether there really is a gap between perception and reality. …
Windows Vista Team Blog –

Microsoft Windows Vista experience
By Truth Seeker(Truth Seeker)
My 15 month old Acer laptop has Windows Vista on it and – overall – it has worked well. At least, it has since since I increased the system RAM from 512 megabytes to 1536 megabytes. I also own a Microsoft VX-3000 webcam. …
Truth Seeker –

Windows Codenamed Mojave Closer to Vista SP1 than Even Windows 7
Windows codenamed Mojave is just around the corner and closer to Windows Vista Service Pack 1 than even Windows 7. The Reason for this is that Windows 7 is merely an evolution of the latest Windows client, while Windows codenamed Mojave … – Windows portal… –

Codecs For Windows Vista
By Jim Clark
So, if you have Vista and are in “codec hell”, try this package out. Similar Posts:. WMC Plugin: MediaControl 5.3; Code2Fame – Final Judging Tomorrow… The Beginner’s Guide to Windows Media Center – Part 1; Security Certification …
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Anime Couples Windows Vista Desktop
By Alvaro Ramirez
Anime Couples Anime Couples. Anime Couples Anime Couples. Anime Couples Anime Couples. Anime Couples Anime Couples. Anime Couples Anime Couples.
Naruto Shippuden and Anime Girls –