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Microsoft sells 180 million Vista licences
PC Advisor – London,UK
(It did not report how many of those licences may have been "downgraded" to Windows XP by corporate users.) The Windows Vista operating system has been …
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Platform: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista
PC Authority Business Centre – McMahons Point,NSW,Australia
You can even use your iPod with Windows Vista Media Center. Plus, unlike other iPod software for Windows, XPlay works with Mac iPods, and even makes iTunes …
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Microsoft Profits Are Hurt by Big Expenses
New York Times – United States
Analysts were disappointed last quarter by the lack of progress it had made in upgrading its corporate customers to the Windows Vista operating system. …
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Microsoft predicts ‘some’ ROI for online millions by 2010
Register – London,England,UK
Sales and marketing expenses increased 10 per cent to $149m while the overall cost of revenue jumped 13 per cent to $115m, driven by Windows Vista "product …
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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Free Tech Support
TMC Net – Norwalk,CT,USA
In a rare move, Microsoft is now offering free unlimited installation and compatibility support for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 1 (SP1). …
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Microsoft sells 180m of Vista in 18 months
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
Microsoft on Thursday afternoon revealed as part of its latest quarterly results that it has sold 180 million copies of Windows Vista in the roughly 18 …
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Search Internet Explorer Favorites in Vista with a Shortcut
Lifehacker Australia – Sydney,NSW,Australia
… in Windows terms, "Favorites") in Internet Explorer and need quick access to them, the How-To Geek has you covered, at least in Windows Vista. …
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Can I Delete from the Virtual Store?
PC Magazine – USA
To avoid disabling these programs, Windows Vista lies to them. When they try to write to a banned location, it says "Sure, no problem! …
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Save your eyes with DPI Scaling in Windows Vista
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
However, with DPI Scaling tool available in Microsoft Windows Vista, you can use your LCD monitor at its native resolution and still make the text more …
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Microsoft takes on Vista naysayers
Reseller News – New Zealand
Meanwhile, Green challenges speculation that some customers may wait to transition directly from XP to Vista’s successor, Windows 7, which is due in 2010. …
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Windows Vista Security
By genius
To stay protected from threats on the Internet and wireless networks, the Microsoft Windows client operating system must also evolve. Windows Vista is the most secure and trustworthy Windows operating system yet, and it will help …
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Why Windows Vista?
By sathish boopalan(sathish boopalan)
Windows vista , the latest operating system released by Microsoft . Surely Windows Vista is much improved version than the previous release windows XP . There are several common issues that occur in your computers , like installing hard …

Limited conection Windows Vista
By (robertva)
Relative’s new system is Vista Home Premium SP1 64 bit (quite a step up). Minimal printed setup instructions were included in the box, primarily one of those quick setup sheets that resembles a poster. Quick setup sheet only advised …
Ask Me Help Desk –

Roll your own MS Windows OS!
By Gordon Martin(Gordon Martin)
You’ve probably heard by now that Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista share the same kernel (right down to the version number). But somehow Server 2008 doesn’t seem to be as bloated and sluggish as Vista. So a Microsoft engineer had …
Vista Vitals –

Not since Windows Me has a Microsoft operating system seen such …
By F Oh’Ff vist- A
Why are people wondering why companies hate vista? Its crap… let the ignorant home users buy vista with new pcs… it serves them well for being ignorant! Vista: Victim of Enterprise Malaise Windows Vista probably deserves a break, …
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