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New Major update Thoosje Vista Tweaker 2.0. 100% Free
PRLog.Org (press release) – Bucuresti,Romania
We are proud to announce the next Major update for Thoosje Vista Tweaker version 2.0. The tool that lets you tweak and optimize your Windows Vista operating …
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Dell plans multitouch Vista and XP updates for Latitude XT
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
The company plans to support both Windows XP and Windows Vista, effectively stealing Microsoft’s multitouch thunder for Windows 7. Here’s a (rather boring) …
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Microsoft Ready to Hit Back at Mac Guy
Wall Street Journal Blogs – New York,NY,USA
Microsoft is set to strike back at Apple and others who have spent the last year and a half criticizing its Windows Vista operating system. …
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20 Features Windows 7 Should Include
Slashdot – USA
With Windows Vista only receiving a luke-warm reception, Microsoft needs to make sure Windows 7 is a winner from the get go." What other features would you …
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Miksi siirryin Linuxiin ja heitin Windowsin romukoppaan? >>
Tiede – Helsinki,Finland
Cool Desktop Effects – For those who think Aero in Windows Vista is damn cool! wait till you experience Compiz on Ubuntu which provides better 3D desktop …
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Windows Vista winning the ugly way
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Like it or not, Vista is coming simply because its easier for IT to manage just one platform. Josh Greenbaum makes sense of this over on the Enterprise …
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Asus graphics cards take up Vista challenge
Australian IT – Australia
The arrival of Windows Vista last year pushed many systems running XP to their very limits. When it came to graphics, Vista upped the ante even further. …
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How your operating system can reduce your carbon footprint
PC World Canada – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
InfoTech compared the energy usage between Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs, and concluded that the power management features in Vista could help Canadian …
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Phoenix HyperSpace(TM) to Power Breakthrough in OS-Independent PC …
MarketWatch – USA
The Phoenix HyperSpace environment includes ManageSpace(TM), which enables security applications to operate before, during and after Windows Vista(TM) boots …
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How to Improve Windows Vista Security
By Ajay Pathak
logo_windows How to Improve Windows Vista Security Microsoft Windows XP is still preferred operating system, instead of the fact that it has a number of security loop holes. When Microsoft started building Vista, there primary goal is …
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Flock 2.0b1 and windows Vista
By ghismo
I’ve the Flock 2.0b1 running on windows Vista, and very often, flock gets closed by Vista saying that flock has been closed by DEP, Data Execution Prevention. It occurs in many scenario, when using webex for example, or more commonly …
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No Windows Vista Beta 2 Distributed At WinHEC
By Ryan is reporting that WinHEC attendees did not receive a copy of Windows Vista like they have in previous years. They received a nice little “goodies” bag but the highly anticipated DVD was not there. So when is Microsoft going to …
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Microsoft Windows Website Get New Non-Vista Look
By admin
Microsoft was thumping ahead with Windows Vista in all hog manner and even got Windows website in Vista colors with ‘Aero glass effect’. Guess what? MS is bored of Vista look and here comes new look for Windows Websites. …
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Windows Vista Compatibility Center Helps Users Determine What Works
By Mark Edward Soper
Microsoft has long offered hardware compatibility information for different versions of Windows, including Windows Vista. Remember the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)? You can access the current versions of the HCL and Windows Catalog …
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