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Data Doctor: Windows XP still available, but not for long
East Valley Tribune – Mesa,AZ,USA
The reality of Windows Vista is that it is a more stable and more secure operating system than Windows XP, but it looks and works differently and many are …
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Funny – yet shows a problem – USA
by deathshadow (3.16) on Fri 20th Jun 2008 19:35 UTC That has little to do with windows and much to do with hardware manufacturers. Windows has in-built a …
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‘There’s No Year That I Didn’t Love My Job’
Newsweek – USA
There are brilliant things that were done in Windows Vista, and there are some things where we say, "Hey, are we putting out too many prompts, …
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Dell To Sell Windows XP For An Additional $50
eFluxMedia – USA
The plan is as follows: Dell has announced that people who have purchased Windows Vista Business or Ultimate edition can ask for a downgrade to Windows XP. …
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Share Internet Connection Between Windows Vista and XP
By magakos(magakos)
You have a Windows Vista computer that’s connected to the broadband internet via a ADSL modem or router.This article helps you how to share your Windows Vista computer’s broadband internet connection (turning first computer into a …
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Windows Vista SP1 Update
I have a quick update for you about Windows Vista SP1. The Microsoft Update Blog contains some important information about updates to the SP1 prerequisite distribution plan. Starting tomorrow, we are resuming the automatic update and …
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My vista crash!i hate windows 7.
By admin
HAIX I CANNOT FIND MY WINDOWS VISTA DISK!!!!!windows7=windows vista! SUCKS!but graphic nice!UAC SUCKS ! hmm so i install back windows xp sp3 … hmm nothing special just that it boot faster then windows vista. …
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Speeding up Windows Vista boot and shutdown times
By Alin Constantin(Alin Constantin)
I have Vista installed fore a year and a half now, and I don’t boot my computer very often. It turned out that for my system, the boot time took more than 4 minutes!!! 1 minute until the login screen, 4 minutes until the system was idle …
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Restore and Reset File Association in Windows Vista Back to …
By ShaDow(ShaDow)
Replace the [exe] with the actual file extension that you want to restore its file type association to revert back to original Windows Vista default. If you unsure, simply browse through all the sub-key under FileExts. …
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