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Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista Re-released
HULIQ (press release) – Hickory,NC,USA
Few days back I had posted about a document “The Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista” released by Microsoft. The link was later removed and so the …
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Windows UI Taskforce: Your Help Wanted
OS News – USA
IStartedSomething agrees with this, and started the Windows UI TaskForce. The idea is simple: list your pet graphical inconsistency in Windows Vista, …
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Can we avoid the XP, Vista showdown?
Southtown Star – Chicago,IL,USA
… Microsoft wants retailers as of that date to stop selling Windows XP pre-installed on new personal computers and instead use Windows Vista. …
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New vulnerability discovered in Apple Quicktime
Bangkok Post – Thailand
The company has yet to provide exact information on the flaw, but it is known that Windows XP and Windows Vista are affected – and potentially other …
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Microsoft urges Windows users to shut down Safari
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
In the advisory, Microsoft called out Windows XP — including SP3, the newest service pack — and Windows Vista as vulnerable, as well as Internet Explorer …
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Long Zheng takes aim at Windows UI quirks
By Ed Bott
Back near the very end of Windows Vista’s beta testing days, Chris Pirillo went on an extended rant about the inconsistencies and “mistakes” in the Vista user interface. (You can read my reaction and then follow the links back to …
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Download and Install some vista screensavers in windows xp
By abhishek
I was searching a way on how can we convert any screensaver of windows vista to make it work in win xp and I found some vista screensavers prorated for xp. Windows vista offers some very cool screensavers like.. Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify …
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5 things you should know about Windows 7
By Sander Berkouwer
Microsoft has decided not to release a lot of information on Windows 7 for a reason. It was one of the mistakes admitted with Windows Vista. Some features (like WinFS) got dropped totally, while other features (like Palladium) were … Blogs –

Ten Things I Like About Windows Vista Post 1
With all of the negative publicity surrounding Windows vista and talk about Windows Seven in the years to come, I decided to point out ten things I like about Windows Vista. I am not a Microsoft advocate and never have worked for … Latest blogs –

Here’s the answer I got when I called HP
I was told by the customer service rep that the HP engineers informed her that HP was too cheap to put the hardware o…