Windows 7 Will Be A Windows Vista Logo Requirement
By Josh Phillips
Even before Microsoft has published the first beta of Windows 7 it is working to ensure it will not repeat the same failings of Windows Vista. In a March 21 2008 update to the Microsoft Hardware Logo Program Requirements Microsoft added …

Windows Vista Demo Readiness Toolkit
With a comprehensive demo script, sample content, and a preconfigured installation including user accounts and applications, you have everything you need to demo with Windows Vista with virtually no effort. …
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Windows Vista is Dead
According to eWeek, Bill Gates has told them he feels that Windows Vista is dead.
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Redmond, We Have a Problem
By jonreagan
Windows Vista, in my opinion, is not a necessarily bad system. I have enjoyed using Office 2007 and one of the coolest applications available, WorldWide Telescope. With that being said, Windows Vista is expensive. …
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