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Skip Vista – you know it makes sense – UK
… to upgrade until trading conditions improve. Better still, don’t upgrade to Windows Vista at all. Why not wait until the next release, Windows 7, comes out.
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WSR Macros extend Windows Vista’s speech recognition feature
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
The 2.77MB installer is compatible with both the x86 and x64 flavors of English editions of Windows Vista. The software essentially allows the creation of …
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Examine the new Ultimate Extras available for Windows Vista Ultimate
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
If you’re running Windows Vista Ultimate and have already upgraded to SP1, then you now have access to two new Ultimate Extras. …
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Windows Computer Users Face Issues With Upgrades
KIDK – Idaho Falls,ID,USA
If you’ve bought a computer within the past couple of years, chances are the operating system is Windows XP.But the new Windows Vista, has caused many …
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Windows XP SP3 Delayed, Vista SP1 Paused – Mumbai,India
While Windows XP SP3 was originally slated for release yesterday, Windows Vista SP1 was released only last week. The stoppage of automatic updates for Vista …
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The right Vista strategy: Do nothing
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Most analyst firms were excited about Windows Vista in 2006, when it was on the verge of being released. But for several firms, that enthusiasm withered as …
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WinZip Announces WinZip 11.2 – Mumbai,India
WinZip 11.2 comes with Windows Vista Certification, offering Vista-style tool bars and program icons, a Vista Explorer-style user interface, and support for …
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Review: Logitech MX5500 Revolution keyboard and mouse – UK
And if you’ve got Windows Vista on your PC there are buttons specifically designed to control Vista-specific features such as the Gadgets sidebar. …
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MS pulls plugs on XP SP3 mass launch
Register – London,England,UK
… we have uncovered a compatibility issue between Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and both Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista Service Pack …
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Fixing Windows Vista, Part 2: Taming UAC
The User Account Control feature in Windows Vista has been known to drive normally level-headed people over the edge with frustration. …
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Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista Beta
By pthurrott
Nicely done. It’s still somewhat astonishing to me that Yahoo! is doing a better job of taking advantage of Vista-specific features in its IM client than is Microsoft. Download Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista Beta.
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Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises
By Polaris
Get an early start on Windows Vista security and the technology shifts you’ll need to know as a systems administrator. From leading Windows expert Mark Minasi comes this “just-in-time” book to get you there. This targeted, hands-on …
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Train Signal Windows Vista Training
By GaQuay
Windows Vista Training Videos You get 19+ Hours of Training covering Microsoft Windows Vista. “Get your Hands Dirty” with this Real World Training that is 100% Instructor Led! In this course Scott Skinger will lead you through Scenarios …
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“Uninstall” windows Vista from XP/Vista dual boot
By guyladouche
I have both Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista installed on my sig rig. I installed Vista just to play around, but it’s a waste–just not for me–nothing new, so I want to get rid of it. Here’s the deal: I have XP and Vista installed on … – –

Welcome to Digital WPC 2008
Our first live event – Windows Vista and the Partner Experience – takes place tomorrow, Thursday, May 1 at 8:00 am PST. We invite you to join Allison Watson, CVP of the Worldwide Partner Group, and Brad Brooks, CVP of Online Services …
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