Well the final stage of my turning over the domain name – www.ilovemykindle.com – is now complete.  I received a $15 Amazon gift certificate to reimburse me the registration fee for the domain name as the final step in this 6 week process.

In early February I was notified by e-mail that Amazon considered my website an infringement on their intellectual property due to the use of the word kindle in it.  I was not the only one getting these e-mails either it seemed.

Philipp Lenssen did a write up about Amazon Bullying Kindle Sites back on 08 Feb 2008 and discussed all the activity that was happening and discussed one specific site who was not giving in so easily – Jason Schramm’s KindleReport.com.  He got the same e-mail I got back then and also had some funds frozen up from his Amazon Associates account until the domain was released – just like I did.  Are stories are mirror images of each other.  I have been told that my Amazon Associate  Funds should be freed up now for payment.  I hope Jason gets his soon as well.

Today Jason’s old domain of KindleReport.com now re-directs to eBookDAILY.com.  I really like that name as well – plus it allows him to expand beyond just the Kindle. Good luck as you move forward Jason.

It is a shame that enthusiast sites like mine and Jason and a few others got shut down when all we were doing was creating a community for this device.

Oh well – on to the next thing I guess.