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Vista notebook falls in hacker challenge
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Shane Macaulay, a consultant with Security Objectives, claimed the $5000 cash prize by breaking into a Fujitsu U810 running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 late …
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Nvidia, the Vista vandal?
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand
… graphics card-related problem that has rendered it inoperable, information has come to light about Nvidia’s destabilising impact on Windows Vista. …
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The Vista Capable fiasco: to hell with system recs!
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Back in the summer of 2005, Microsoft was still hammering out the best way to communicate what degree of Windows Vista capability an OEM customer could …
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Info FAQs:
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
Windows Vista hides important files and folders from view to keep users from deleting or otherwise modifying files they shouldn’t, but few simple steps can …
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Low-cost Laptops to Prolong Life of Windows XP
Laptop Logic – CA,USA
It’s obvious Microsoft wants a bulk of PC users to adopt the latest and greatest version of Windows (Vista). We can understand why they would like to do …
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Leopard Beats Vista for Corporate Satisfaction
PC World – USA
s Windows Vista , a research firm said last week. In a February survey of 2200 US corporate computer users, 53% of those using Mac OS X 10.5 reported that …
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Nvidia responsible for Windows Vista crashes
News Line 365 – Nashik,Maharashtra,India
It has now been reported by Microsoft that Nvidia PC Graphics Cards have been chiefly responsible for the crashing of the Microsoft’s Windows Vista …
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HTC Shift CDMA EV-DO UMPC review
SlashGear – Scottsdale,AZ,USA
Boasting full Windows Vista support, as well as a cut-down quick-start SnapVue interface for basic tasks, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and multiple wireless …
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Nvidia Responsible for Vista Crashes
eFluxMedia – USA
By Max Brenn Have you ever wondered what are the reasons behind Windows Vista crashes? I’m sure you did! Now the folks from Ars Tehnica revealed that in the …
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LXer Weekly Roundup for 30-Mar-2008
LXer (press release) – Kerrville,TX,USA
When he became a bit more aggressive, they indicated they could give him one without Windows (Vista SP1), but it would cost an extra $70! …
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Windows Vista Home Premium x86/WMDC 6.1
By SthrnDixieCwgrl
I recently downloaded and installed the final release of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista Home Premium x86. Since doing that I have seen that Windows is running slow and am havi issues connecting a Treo 700wx to Windows. Not that …
Technology Questions –

Interesting Tidbits from Jeffrey Jones Windows Vista One Year …
By (Donald Burnett)
I seem to have ruffled the feathers of a lot of Mac folks, with some statistics and suggestions that Vista was a lot more secure than Mac OS X (10.4) and Windows XP.. People are offended apparently at the number of days it took to hack …

Uninstalling Nokia PC Suite on Windows Vista
By Antony Pranata
Recently, I wanted to uninstall Nokia PC Suite on my Windows Vista machine. The un-installation process failed with the famous “error writing to file c:\config.msi\xyz.rbf” problem. It is one of the annoying bugs on Windows Vista. … –

ShadowExplorer: Browse Through Shadow Copies in All Windows Vista …
ShadowExplorer allows you to browse the shadow copies created by the Windows Vista Volume Shadow Copy Service. It’s especially thought for users of the home editions, who don’t have… Read the rest at Website –
Tweaking with Vishal –

What’s wrong with Microsoft Windows Vista?
By pinusdesember
Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system is a giant step backward for your freedoms. Usually, new software enables you to do more with your computer. Vista, though, is designed to restrict what you can do. Vista enforces new forms …
pinusdesember –