Well I previously mentioned that I had taken a break from using IE7 on my main computer at home beacuse it caused two problems for me. One was breaking the link to webpages from within Outlook Express. It would open a Windows Explorer window at the C drive instead of the webpage. The other was that my Tiger Woods 2006 would not go online and thus prevented me from playing online matches.

Well today my wait is over! As I posted earlier today an update to the Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview was posted for download. So I headed over when I got home from work and grabbed it for a quick installation.

Well to my pleasure my Tiger Woods 2006 runs like a champ and I am once again able to log on and play some online matches! WooHoo! Thanks very much IE Team!

As for the other error I kept having – the OE link breakage – the jury is still out. But for now it is still working! I will let you know if anything changes.