Tweetium App for Windows now identifies Twitter Apps being used

Remember in the old days of Twitter – maybe 12-18 months ago – when we use to be able to see what app a user was tweeting with?

Well Brandon Paddock of B-Side Software, the developer of the increasingly popular Tweetium App for Windows, has resurrected that option with the latest update to his app.


Although version 2.0.3 of Tweetium only has a short list of changes it shows the continued dedication of Brandon to keep this app well developed and moving forward.

Just the simple fact that he always includes a change log places this app above many we see each day.

Here is the summary of update with this version:

  • Added option to show the source app used for tweets in expanded view
  • Fixed an animation glitch with search box expansion
  • You can now type into the search box while hovering on it (without clicking first)
  • Fixed some cases where the tweet composer wasn’t taking focus when expected (i.e. after DM submit, opening share target).
  • Ensure the lockscreen access prompt only appears once per machine if permission is denied.

You can see more details about Tweetium for Windows at these sites:

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