Microsoft has announced  a social rewards program in the UK, called into by Windows Phone.

The programme will offer “a series of incredible one-off experiences, amazing events and some very special offers.  All of these will be centred around the things we love the most in life – from food and travel, to music and film and even technology.

The program begins on Monday, December 5th, in the UK and Microsoft is recruiting ten Insiders from the Windows Phone community to attend the event.

Applicants need to submit a 200 word entry and a picture explaining how your Windows Phone helps you “live out your passions and do all the ‘stuff’ you’re into”. If you become an Insider you will be rewarded a new Nokia Lumia 800 and be in an important part of the Windows Phone community.

Our panel of judges will review all the entries to find the ten best; those ten winners will get an invitation to become an into insider, which includes a Nokia Lumia 800*. Here’s what our judges will be looking for:

  • How well did you demonstrate how Windows Phone has enhanced your lifestyle and passions, whether it’s music, food, fashion, social experiences or even your love of phones and technology – whatever it is you’re into? (Make it personal, not generic. We want to get to know you.)
  • Are you keen to use a new Windows Phone as your main phone?
  • Do you have a passion for social networking and sharing experiences with friends? (We’ll be asking for you to provide us with your personal twitter handle.)
  • Did you dazzle us with the engaging way you used your Windows Phone in the overall entry?
  • Does your photo help bring your written story to life and hold visual appeal? No shaky shots please…

The deadline to register to become an Insider is by 4pm November 9th on the Windows Phone Facebook Page. Good Luck!

Update: We were notified that we had some details incorrect and that the program does not begin on December 5th, rather an event is on December 5th.

As an into insider you will be among the first in the UK to own a shiny new Nokia Windows Phone – that’s right, one of those little beauties will be yours. Plus, you’ll be among a select group invited to the into launch event in London on Monday, 5th December. If you qualify to become an into insider, you’ll also get a chance to invite two friends to apply to become insiders as well, who will also get a Nokia Lumia 800 if they decide to become into insiders as well.

And that’s not all – you’ll also be able to share the things you love by creating and curating exciting content for the whole into community, giving you a chance to really show others how your Windows Phone helps you do whatever you’re into.