Bing Food and Drink App comes to Windows Phone

The main four Bing Apps were first available originally as part of the built in app collection on Windows 8. Then last August Microsoft brought them to the Windows Phone platform and tied everything together via your Microsoft account.

Just four days ago the Bing Travel App was released in beta form to Windows Phone and now the folks at Microsoft have brought one more of the Bing Apps to Windows Phone with the release of the Bing Food and Drink App Beta.

The Bing Food & Drink app makes it easy to explore recipes, choose wine and cocktails, and learn how to make your next meal a taste-tempting success. You’ll enjoy beautiful photos, easy to follow instructions and helpful tools such as a shopping list and collections. Keep your shopping list synced across your devices. Share your recipes, shopping list or collections with family and friends. An indispensable companion, the Food & Drink app will have your kitchen sizzling.

The app, just likes its counterpart on Windows 8, is a great looking app with superb images and search features to find all the food and drink information you want.

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Download: Bing Food and Drink Beta


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