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Sunday - February 25th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 82

Welcome to Episode 82 – if you add a 19 in front of that it was the first of my 29 years in the US Navy. We start this weeks show off with a cautionary tale of Microsoft Tech Support calls to your home (reminder – they do not make house calls) and then dive into news about Microsoft Accounts and the ability to make it an alias that keeps you connected to all of your Microsoft stuff. The rest of the show includes news about Yahoo shutting down services; Google Hangouts getting a sign language interpreter; NASA’s Curiosity Rover; SpaceX overcoming challenges on their latest mission; Microsoft’s future technology vision, Evernote being hacked; Seagate ceasing production of spinning laptop hard drives; launching your Windows 8 App at a Microsoft Store; Nokia’s #2InstaWithLove push for Instagram App on Windows Phone; Office 2013 perpetual licensing restriction lifted; T-Mobile and AT&T fighting about their ads; Xbox Music Unlimited streaming limits; first impressions of the Power Bank Jacket for Nokia Lumia 920; Twitter dumps more apps from the TweetDeck portfolio; Disqus releases an exclusive Windows Phone App for their service; Kinect continues to innovate; Picasa Web albums shifting to Google+; Google+ implements massive cover photo on profiles; Yahoo Mail users still getting hacked regularly; Photosynth arrives for Windows Phone 8 devices; Facebook launching updated news feeds; Bing updates history view to modern look; Roku releases third generation streaming device; Google plans to compete against Amazon Prime; checking out NASA big pool; Sprint heading towards shared plans; in security Android is the new Windows; Windows Phone tip videos; ASUS Transformer AIO about to hit the market and running Modern Apps in a window with Stardock’s ModernMix. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 78

Welcome to Episode 78 or as we will affectionately call it Episode 7.8 for everyone waiting on the Windows Phone 7.8 update which started rolling out recently. In this weeks show we cover a lot of news items like the special upgrade price for Windows 8 Pro coming to an end; our changing world of computing devices and how we define them; how to free up some space on your Surface RT; the Office 365 and Office 2013 consumer launch; Nokia intros their music streaming service; Super Bowl 47 and how to watch it; Microsoft closes the Times Square pop up store; Outlook RT being tested at Microsoft; the Kinect effects fades for Xbox 360; the Windows 8 launch may have been hurt by lack of touch screen devices from OEM’s; CNN has an official app on Windows 8; comparing Surface RT and a Chromebook on the road; Yahoo Mail has XSS vulnerability; no more unlocking your cell phones; difference between jailbreaking, rooting and unlocking phones; test your site on modern.ie for IE10 compatibility; your Microsoft licensing questions answered; Twitter doubled in size during 2012; another analyst tries to predict Surface RT sales; Google mobile sync protocols get six more months for Windows Phone but end tomorrow on the desktop; Microsoft should not put Office on iOS; Windows Phone desktop sync client gets updates; BlackBerry launches new OS and handsets; roll out of Windows Phone 7.8 begins; the first multi screen game arrives; Windows 8 Pro deal available for students beginning in February; Microsoft CEO labels Dropbox a fine little startup; check out tweets world wide with Tweetping Map; PC makers are not learning from history and we announce our Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Keyboard winner. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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