Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 236 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 236 of Observed Tech. After a brief hiatus for the long holiday weekend here in the US last week, I am back with plenty of news and follow up items. I discuss the Petya Ransomware outbreak and continue to ask the question of why don’t people update their systems? After WannaCrypt you would expect that those vulnerable systems would have been patched but that was not the case once again. The Windows Desktop Bridge is delivering two of my favorite desktop programs to the Windows Store. Irfanview is already available and soon Paint.net will join it according to its developer. Security is always an important subject and even more so these days, especially after the last two big ransomware attacks, so Microsoft is really ramping up the security profile for the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and we talk about those features. We also learned this week that two major features, which were heavily marketed at Build 2017, are not going to make the Fall Creators Update feature list. The delay of Windows Timeline and the Cloud-Powered Clipboard is unfortunate but Microsoft needs to temper their tendency to over promise and under deliver.¬†Spread throughout the show are plenty of other tidbits across a wide range of tech subjects so be sure to listen all the way until the end. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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