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Sunday - July 21st, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 159 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 159 of the Observed Tech PODCAST and it has been far too long! After a long six week hiatus we are back with a lot of Windows 10 related news and info including a release window, hardware requirements for the desktop and mobile versions and plenty of hands on time with the latest technical preview build. Microsoft Band continues to march forward and now has even wider availability and is heading towards the UK next month plus we also confirm that Internet Explorer’s pronounced death was a bit premature. On the Xbox One front I share about my own experience of adding external storage to my console; your music collection stored in OneDrive can now be streamed to all of your Windows devices and over the web and the dilemma of using parental controls or letting your kid rack up $4,500 in DLC charges. Of course there are plenty of other news items that get discussed in this catch-up episode so come on in and take part in the discussion. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 157 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 157 of the Observed Tech PODCAST. Although I am not labeling this one a special edition it is chock full of Windows 10 info, tips and tweaks for the current technical preview release.
Coming along for the ride is some other news items including Windows 10 on phones, Microsoft Band, Windows RT, Outlook app on iOS and Android and the status of WindowsObserver and the Observed Tech PODCAST. I also share with you my experience of running build 9926 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview as my main desktop OS this past week and how the transition has been with the loss of key features like the Charms Bar and full screen Modern Internet Explorer. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 155 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 155. In this show I share more concerning my recent news about joining the new SuperSite for Windows as a regular contributor and what that all means for WindowsObserver.com and the Observed Tech PODCAST (BLUF: nothing is changing). Then I jump into all the news we had over the past week including details about the ramped up roll out of Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update, saving Outlook.com attachments to your OneDrive, Surface and PayPal going retail Point Of Sale, firmware updates for all the Surface Pro devices including what appears to be a fix for the WiFi issues on Surface Pro 3, and more about backing up your PC to Microsoft Azure. I help with some clarity about the confusing discussion around Windows 7 SP1 main stream support ending earlier this week and discuss Xbox One winning the monthly US sales challenge and what might be a permanent price drop for the console. Of course, lots of discussions around Windows 10 since we have the big consumer event coming up this week so we dig through a few of those stories as well. As always there are plenty of other tidbits from the tech news scene to share and chat about spread throughout the show. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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