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Friday - July 12th, 2024

Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 227 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 227 of Observed.Tech. We are just a few days away from Microsoft Education related event in New York City on Tuesday, it is being held/was held on 02 May, and I am preparing for my trip up for that so I start off with some comments about what I am expecting to see and hear. Then we talk about Microsoft’s 3rd Quarter financial results that were released this past week including what is working and what is looking rough around the edges. I will tell you a secret – it is hardware that needs some attention. Of course, there is plenty of Windows 10 news to talk about including new Redstone 2 and Feature 2 builds for PC and Mobile respectively. The PC build includes the return of My People which was intended for Redstone 2 but got left behind because it was not ready for release with the Creators Update. Microsoft also provided guidance to Windows 10 Mobile users who are not officially supported with the Creators Update so they can stay on the final build, receive cumulative updates, and use the update. However, nothing changes about these handsets and users being unsupported so we will talk about what that means as well. As always there are other bits scattered throughout the show including Acers new hardware lineup including a mixed reality headset, my first week with the Samsung Galaxy S8, a new fingerprint reader from Kensington, Facebook Workplace trying to compete for your team collaboration business, and changes to cumulative updates from Microsoft. Enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 226 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 226 of Observed.Tech. It should not come as a surprise that we have a lot of Windows 10 related topics to talk about in this show plus a whole lot more. I kick off this episode talking about a patch that surfaced this week that allows users to bypass Microsoft’s patch from a couple of weeks ago that blocked the installation of Windows 7/8.1 on modern devices. This had been announced by Microsoft for well over a year ago and April’s Patch Tuesday was the day of reckoning. Well this patch will certainly allow a user to install Windows 7/8.1 on these newer devices but is it worth the risk? My opinion is that anything which messes with the integrity of your operating system is not worth it plus Windows 7 will be out of support in less than three years – time to move forward! OK – in other news we learned this week there will now be a predictable release cycle for not only Windows 10 but also Office 365 and System Center Configuration Manager. In addition, each product update will be supported for 18 months after its release which means users should be moving along with the development of the operating system instead of staying with it for 10 years at a time. This is good and will keep end users on a modern OS capable of doing what they need it to do. I also have other items about a Windows 10 information push from Microsoft, a few hands on videos/galleries of Windows 10 Creators Update features, Steve Ballmer’s new website project, Xbox updates, IoT news from Microsoft, and the risk in crowd funding projects. Enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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