Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 119

Welcome to Episode 119. In this Tuesday edition of Observed Tech I spend some time talking about shifting back to Windows Home Server 2011 from Windows Server Essentials 2012, my upcoming testing of the WD MyCloud device, comparing the Nokia Lumia 1520 to the 920 and a WD TV Live Media Player giveaway. Of course I discuss many other things from the past week including Tweetium 2.0, More Microsoft CEO advice, Scott Guthrie moving up, Bill Gates and his new role on Microsoft from a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, Microsoft’s focus on US Veterans, Microsoft’s Frank Shaw and a NYT advice column, Internet of Things grows at Microsoft, Microsoft fighting cybercrime, Massive $900 million dollar construction project at Microsoft HQ, SkyDrive/OneDrive branding changes, Windows 8.1 Update 1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 licenses, Where Microsoft Windows is headed, Snap View in Windows 8, Finding things on Windows 8.1, Surface Firmware updates in February Patch Tuesday, Creating a new Microsoft account from an existing email address, 64 Bit Windows Tablets, Windows 7 gets an extension of sorts, Windows Phone certification speeds up, Windows Phone and Flappy Bird, Lessons from the the Nokia DVLUP Campaign, Why Nokia Lumia is best for business, Enterprise dominance in smart phones, Microsoft and Android Apps, Nokia Lumia Icon, Microsoft Office on iPad, Multi Factor Authentication on Office 365, Office Online getting closer, Xbox One vs PS4 in January, The COMCAST/TWC deal, Skype Message Sync fixed, Conan O’Brien’s ideas for running Microsoft, Yahoo! and Microsoft, Sony’s waterproof MP3 player, Flappy Bird’s demise in iOS and Play stores, Download wrappers, Enabling Two Factor Authentication on your Microsoft Account, OneDrive Storage Bonuses, Windows on Chromebooks, WiFi Plug, Linking to copyrighted work OK, Surface in Business, Surface approved by FAA for in flight use and Pilots banned from personal use of electronics in the cockpit. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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