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Friday - July 12th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 145 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 145.I begin things with an earth shattering discovery relating to the recent Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft. This blew me away almost as much as my discovery of the arrow in the FEDEX logo. Next up is news for developers on Microsoft’s phone and desktop platforms that makes their registration fee now just a one time affair which means no more annual renewal just to keep your apps in the stores. Of course there is always Windows 9 news as we get closer to that technical preview which will be revealed on 30 Sep with the technical preview becoming available in early October. Windows Phone continues its development as well so we have some items relating to the next version of Windows Phone that will supposedly be based on Windows 9 Threshold and the next incremental update Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. Then we will talk about new Windows hardware accessories, a reason behind the app gap perception, Destiny’s massive launch in dollars and cents, changes at Microsoft as it continues to evolve under Satya Nadella, Toshiba leaving the consumer PC business and TwitPic’s reprieve with a lesson to be learned for all of us. Of course, there are numerous other tidbits scattered throughout the show as well including a new Office technical preview and the best marketing of cloud storage ever. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 143 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 143. This week I am testing a new method of recording the show for when I am away from my home recording studio. I am using a handheld digital audio recorder to record the main element of the show and then I will edit that into my standard opening and closing sequences to see how it all fits together. Luckily I have Audacity and I can tweak the recording to improve the sound but expect it to sound a little different this week.
Many topics get covered in this weeks show including the recent hack of Apple’s iCloud, more fan funding non-sense this time on YouTube, fake cell phone towers, NFL apps gone wild on Windows Phone for the new NFL football season, the small form factor Windows 8 devices that were announced this past week at IFA2014 in Europe and the newest Nokia Lumia’s as well. Of course, there is always Windows 9 Threshold news as we get ever closer to that expected technical preview at the end of September and we also talk about Cortana having some fun at Siri’s expense plus Cortana’s recent personality tweak. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 141 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 141. I kick off today with some big news on my end. I was hired earlier this week by PC Pitstop to do Customer Service and Tech Support for them. I am quite excited to be joining this growing company. I also shared with you about receiving my FreedomCase for my Surface 2 and how the AT&T MicroCell has helped improve our mobile phone use around the house. I also talk about some other stuff in the tech world including Steve Ballmer moving on, Rapid release and related issues on Patch Tuesday, Windows 8 Lifecycle and Update Support, Surface Pro 3 gets Out-of-Band Firmware Update, Windows 9, Google seeks kid customers, Symantec slims down, Global Web Access Shifts to Smartphones, Windows Stores Only At Best Buy Open in 24 new stores in Chicago, OneNote updates Windows Store app gets a big update, Tips to unplug on vacation, 15 inch tablets, PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One, Sony’s Share Play not all it seems, Microsoft vs Apple vs Rationality, Amazon bullying continues, It’s Too Early to Write Off the Third Smartphone Ecosystem, How Perception Will Kill Windows Phone, Windows Phone: The final review, Connecting the world’s developers results in innovative apps, Microsoft and UserVoice Feedback Portals, Miracast on Windows 8.1, No cross platform IE on Android and iOS, Selling Windows Phone, On the Threshold of the next version of Windows, Windows Phone replacing Windows RT, Surface Pro 3 Docking Station, Mobility has become the new normal, Google owned Waze will likely see no more updates on Windows Phone, Google’s Music Service inadvertently revealed, Twitter experiments with your timeline continue, Which email application is right for you between Outlook and Gmail, Surface RT plus Azure and Windows Phone security project, After 10 years Munich bailing on Linux and heading back to Windows, Improved Skype notifications, Windows Phone Convert from iPhone and Android and Sorry for the ads. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 140 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 140. I start off today’s show commenting about the tragic news this week concerning Robin Williams and his death. He inspired my generation with many of the roles he played on TV and in the movies with his energetic and untiring comedic talent. It reminds us all that it is hard to know what it is like inside of depression and how difficult it is to ask for help. Take care of each other out there. On the tech side of things I discuss the following during this weeks show IBM PC is 33 years old this week, Microsoft jumps into 21st century with development, Windows in the Mobile First, Cloud First world, Booting to the desktop in Windows 8.1, Updating Windows has changed for good, Windows 8.1 August Updates, Control Panel on the Taskbar Tip, Microsoft makes gains in cloud battles with Amazon and Google, Cortana and the next version of Windows, Virtual Desktops and other Windows 9 Threshold features, Wi-Fi Issues on Surface Pro 3, Firmware updates for Surface hardware, Skype gets some free features that used to be paid only, Nokia 130 feature phone, Lumia Cyan firmware fixes battery drainage issues, Start Screen on Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Carriers and Windows Phone in their stores, Nokia Lumia 1520 32GB version dropped by ATT, 300K apps on Windows Phone store and coutning, OneNote continues to shine, GamesCon 2014 Xbox News, NextGen console wars, Kindle dead to new Xbox consoles, Amazon invites Kindle Publishers to join Hachette fight, Support Solutions for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Hyperlapse, 23 million Twitter bots, Comcast Customer Service takes another hit, Steve Ballmer now owns the LA Clippers, Telemarketer revenge and Dad builds coolest Mission Control and Spaceship for his kids. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 139 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 139. Another developer preview update dropped at the beginning of this week and I know many folks opted to jump off that cliff and grab the update. Well I leapt off as well and it is a nice update. My favorite feature is the Live Folders for the Start Screen. It is well implemented and has some of the smoothest animations ever. You can customize them quite a bit but as one Twitter follower mentioned to me – do not over do it because it can slow down your Start Screen. I also reveal that an iPhone 4s in being used in my house! Some of the other items covered in the show include Windows Phone 8.1 Update Developer Preview, Mobile IE in WP 8.1 update DP, Live Folders on WP 8.1 Update DP, Some HTC users will not get the WP 8.1 Update DP, IE support changing, Amazon Prime video credit to slow down shipping, Surface Pro 3, Surface losses, Surface market expansion, Money back on in app purchase with Fidesity, Office for iPad update, NFL apps, PhotoMart app for Walmart, Microsoft will appeal order to release overseas emails, Windows market share updates, Two views of recommendations relating to Windows Phone, Cortana reminders, Microsoft sues Samsung for patent royalties, Microsoft’s cloud service predicted to be largest by end of this year, Unlock your phones, OneDrive for Amazon Fire, Patch Tuesday and Windows Updates, Windows Threshold aka Windows 9, Remote Desktop app update for WP, Google creating separate photo service out of Google+, Amazon registering domains now, Facebook App for WP gets beta features, Tweetium for Windows Phone beta update, Windows Blog portal overhaul, Expose a breach then charge to check, Microsoft and iFixit, Six Clicks from Ed Bott on Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote and Understanding Steve Ballmer. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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