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Sunday - July 21st, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 261 #OTP

Welcome to episode 261 of Observed Tech. This week I am still dealing with some tickles in my throat so apologies for coughing in your ears during this show!
However, despite that we talk about a bug I am experiencing on at least two of my bare metal test devices running Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17133. There is a work around so that can help you out if you are seeing the same issue on your systems. We catchup on the status of Redstone 4 and 5 as development winds down for RS4 and it ramps up for RS5. Build 17133 is now in Release Preview so that means we are really close to general availability for this next feature update.
I share some articles that have surfaced this week about the big reorganization at Microsoft – there are some really good takes and some I do not agree with at all. I will leave you to form an opinion on these stories yourself but suffice it to say that officially we will see a lot at Build 2018 next month about these changes. Of course, there are other news headlines throughout the show including updated security features for consumer subscribers to Office 365, the CLOUD Act’s impact/perception, AI training courses from Microsoft, and social media company Facebook facing their own Trustworthy Computing moment so be sure to listen all the way until the end and not miss anything. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 255 #OTP

Welcome to episode 255 of Observed Tech and our first new episode of 2018! After my annual Consumer Electronics Show trip to Las Vegas and the subsequent bout of CES Crud – I am back behind the microphone to get 2018 started finally for the Observed Tech PODCAST. In this episode we catch up on some final notes from CES itself and then talk about where things are with Windows 10 and its current development branch Redstone 4. The first month of the year has included a couple of new build releases on both the client and server sides for what will be Windows 10 Version 1803, aka the March 2018 Feature Update, plus we talk about how well the Fall Creators Update is doing in its roll out. Then we discuss what the future might hold for Windows in the form of Andromeda and Polaris – rumored hardware and software that builds upon Microsoft’s modern work on the operating system. There is also late breaking news about Windows 10, new variations of the operating system, and S Mode coming to most versions of Windows 10. Otherwise, there are other news headlines through the show so be sure to listen all the way until the end and not miss anything. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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