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Sunday - May 22nd, 2022

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 312 #OTP

This week we have our normal collection of updates for Windows Insiders with the latest builds and progress across a couple of development branches for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge (Chromium).¬†However, I begin with an explanation of the final state of my link curation process to avoid Twitter’s aggressive algorithms plus I get on my soapbox about headlines and misdirection with one privacy related story I read this week. After that it is our normal weekly run down of updates around apps, services, security, hardware, social media, and gaming. At the end of it all I mention a couple of space items that you should be aware of as the next five years are going to be crazy as NASA heads back to the moon! Make sure you listen from start to finish to catch all the headlines.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 311 #OTP

Welcome to our catch up episode after I spent a week out in Seattle at Microsoft Build. There were a lot of exciting announcements from Microsoft for developers and while some will be experienced by consumers sooner – others will come later in our favorites apps, products, and services. Of course we catch you up with all the other key tidbits including new Windows Insiders builds along with many apps and services updates.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 310 #OTP

This show is full of Microsoft and Windows news as you would expect. There is Microsoft’s latest quarterly earnings report which was very good, updates on Microsoft Edge Chromium work, and even a Windows Insider build for Fast Ring testers for the 20H1 feature update. We also learned more about system requirements for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, discuss the status of Sets, and Surface Hub 2S plus the potential for Surface Buds and a Surface Display. Of course, Xbox Insiders got several new builds and there was that inadvertent announcement/confirmation of the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update. Don’t forget to listen from start to finish so you catch all the tidbits through the show.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 185 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 185 of Observed Tech – the first show of 2016! We kick off the new year talking about a great interview with Satya Nadella on Buzzfeed and how it really provides concrete insight to his approach and how he is not focused on market share for the companies products and services – especially Windows 10 Mobile. I then update on a few more additions to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Parade as some new universal apps are added to the Windows Store along with reports of others joining the UWP family soon. I also spend a little time talk about the app-ocalypse, a word I can not say very well, and whether we could actually use all these services in our mobile browser instead of through apps. It looks like T-Mobile may be releasing a Windows 10 Mobile device and that firmware update for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL apparently improves battery life amongst other things although I am still waiting to receive the update myself to test it out for my AT&T based 950. Security, both keeping you informed about attempts to access your account and the ease with which some companies can allow someone access to your account with public info, was in the spotlight this past week and so I spend some time talking about that and Two Factor Authentication. Some other areas that I talk about include the most vulnerable software in 2015, Windows 10 install momentum and what I want to see change with Microsoft services and Windows 10 during 2016. Of course there are plenty of other items spread throughout the show so please enjoy everything and thanks for listening.

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