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Sunday - June 16th, 2024

Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 201 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 201 of Observed.Tech! As we begin our next century of shows this one gets started reviewing some of the background about the bidding war that happened between Microsoft, Salesforce and Google for LinkedIn which Microsoft ultimately won. They even brought in the big kahuna, in the form of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, to help move things along to ultimately close the deal. Next I discuss how things will change for upgrades to Windows 10 after the free upgrade deal ends on 29 July 2016 plus more about the latest features arriving in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which arrives on 02 August. Of course, there are also items to mention like the new and free Skype Meetings service, lots of great tutorials for developers to build apps that take advantage of new features in Windows 10, upcoming hardware that is focused on Windows 10 including the likely Surface branded All In One device. I run down some new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for Windows 10 and also mention a few that have decided to leave the platform including CNN and their ancient Windows Phone 8.1 app that still labels Microsoft’s cloud storage as SkyDrive. There are a couple of tips for you on how to reset individual Windows Store apps and also how you can migrate your Evernote data into OneNote fast and easy to avoid their new limitations for free accounts. As always, you can expect plenty of other tidbits throughout the episode including Xbox hardware and software news, EA Access updates, a major malware attack on Android devices, a massive recall of hover boards that do not really hover plus a big anti-malware/virus company acquisition/merger. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 188 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 188 of Observed Tech. In this show I start off talking about more Universal Windows Platform apps, Windows 10 Mobile and its status, continued progress on Windows 10 Redstone builds and the recent Microsoft Band 2 update. I then jump into tablet sales numbers for 2015, what the former Microsoft CEO has to say about the companies direction, the basics of Mainstream vs Extended support from Microsoft and the lack of Surface Pro 3 devices on store shelves. I then wrap up talking about the senior wearables market, a reboot of Circuit City, Amazon’s shipping costs and eBay’s failure to completely fix a vulnerability on their website that can target customers. Of course there are plenty of other items sprinkled throughout the show so please enjoy everything and thanks for listening.

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