Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 123

Welcome to Episode 123. This is the show where I announce the winner of the Western Digital TV Live Media Player that has been going on for the last few weeks. The winner’s name is shared at the end of the podcast. In and amongst the normal range of items that pop up in the show each week I discuss things like the movie torrenting website that got pulled down after a ton of publicity, Google Glass in ER’s, an advertising change at Microsoft, Candy Crush crushing it towards an IPO, a Mom’s case against Google because her son rang up $65 worth of in app purchases, Amazon’s Prime price hike and ASUS abandoning a dual boot device due to pressure from Google and Microsoft. Other items we are keeping an eye on this week include Mozilla bails on a Metro version of Firefox, Microsoft’s new board member, Bill Gates interview with Rolling Stone, Microsoft and Nook deal re-worked, Nokia and Microsoft deal may close in less than 3 weeks, Ads inside of apps and operating systems, Office 365 IT Pro Support Network, Office Online enhancements, Free OneNote for Mac users, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 news roundup site, Windows Phone goes free for some handset makers, Managing your battery on Windows Phone, Nokia Beam, Windows 8,1 User Readiness Toolkit, Tips for navigating Windows 8.1, Windows Store handles 4 million daily downloads growing 135% since last October, Why aren’t people upgrading to Windows 8.1, Skype Emojis, Windows 9 thoughts, NCAA March Madness Apps on WP and Windows at same time, Elements of quality apps, Facebook Messenger, More TV viewing on Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 Update 1 Observations, Windows 8.1 and the Surface Trackpad, Games with Gold update, Skype on Xbox One updated, Issues with next generation consoles, PS4 just barley wins February, Xbox One continues to be most successful launch in Xbox history, 1 Million Gamerscore by @Stallion83, Surface device firmware updates, Surface Power Cover and LTE version, Windows XP countdown continues, Flight MH 370 Malware scam, WordPress sites turned into a botnet, Target’s data breach, Twitter becomes critical,
Google vs Apps, Silicon Valley in turmoil, Nokia 2520 Tablet Power Cover, Google Apps for Business referral program, Nextgen Reader partnership, A new Goodyear blimp and DNR for Windows XP. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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