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Friday - July 1st, 2022

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 198 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 198 of Observed Tech. This week we lock in our plans for a mid-week recording of the show instead of Monday mornings so that we can bring you more of the latest news from the first couple of days in a new week. It turns out this week was made for this plan because we had big acquisition news from Microsoft first thing Monday morning when they announced their $26.2 billion dollar purchase of LinkedIn. Then, within just a few hours, we had the Xbox E3 Briefing where we heard about new hardware (Xbox One S and Project Scorpio) and a great gaming lineup including one of my favorites Forza Horizon 3. About 30 minutes after Microsoft got started at E3, Apple took to the stage for their annual WWDC Keynote in San Francisco to unveil updates across their line of OS’s. Including in these announcements was the name change for their desktop operating system from OS X to macOS. In addition to a collection of links out to those areas I share app news on the Windows platform for those arriving and those departing plus plenty of information about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and where everything stands as we get nearer to the expected release of Microsoft next major Windows 10 Update in July. I give you some hands on with new UI changes for Cortana, the latest builds of Windows 10 in the Redstone development branch and the greater control admins will have over key areas of the Anniversary Update. As always, you can expect plenty of other tidbits throughout the episode. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 135 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 135. This is the one where we start off with first impressions of the Surface Pro 3 and some console related news since it is E3 week out in Los Angeles, California. Things Start Up for this episode as I share my initial impressions of Surface Pro 3 after checking out the device at my local Best Buy and then I share my thoughts on Microsoft and Sony’s E3 media briefings earlier this week. Also in the discussion is personal robot sales that are supposed to begin next year, Twitch being serious business which means gamers are serious business, the plan for Safari and Chrome to hide full web addresses, Mac Pro construction and Windows machines go hand in hand, an eye opening video about driving and texting from VW and Google’s new acquisition of a satellite company gives them eyes in a geosynchronous orbit above the Earth. After we get things started you can expect the normal collection of tidbits during the main part of the show including items relating to Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Security, Cloud, Hardware, Apps, Services, Xbox, Internet Explorer and Social Media. As I get ready to Shut Down I highlight a proposed armrest for airliners that will end elbow battles forever, Flickr’s move away from Facebook and Google sign ins, Microsoft’s Smart Home of the Future back in 1999, the OS X Yosemite Transformation Pack and our desire to make OS’s look like other OS’s, the world’s largest game collection up for sale, iOS8 wallpapers, the top free and paid apps in the Windows Phone and Windows Stores, the top ten recommended apps for your Windows 8.1 tablets, why exactly PC sales are flat, DSLR tips for beginners on how to use Manual Mode and finally building a homemade portable air conditioner for just $8. Just in time for summer in the northern hemisphere. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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