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Thursday - June 30th, 2022

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 15)

Here at the very end of August in a quite different year than we all expected when it started, there is still plenty to discuss about faith, tech, and space. We kick this episode off with a discussion around returning to movie theaters to watch movies during this active pandemic plus an update an update about my recent PC Build and SSD drives. Next is the final couple of weeks in the summer break for my cohort’s continuing formation and classes beginning in just a couple of weeks. In tech, we layout new builds for Windows and Edge Insiders including a significant upcoming milestone. Surface Duo review are in the hands of reviewers and influencers but it is everyday folks without embargos that are going into Best Buy and AT&T stores to give full operational demos of the dual-screened devices ahead of schedule. IN other tech headlines there is more on the Epic vs Apple app store fight, talk about the Amazon Halo, TikTok, tech scam insider information to help awareness, and big changes in real estate in the pandemic. In space we have launches and scrubs and we wrap up reminiscing about the 25 year anniversary of Windows 95, Office, 95, and of course this website!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 169 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 169 of Observed Tech. After a lot of talk last episode about whether or not Windows 10 would be free or not we do delve into that topic a little bit more in this show but not nearly as extensively compared to last week. Nothing has really changed so nothing to be worried about. I am sure Microsoft is not sitting in Redmond plotting different ways to screw over customers in this upgrade process. In other areas I talk about the breakup between Oracle’s JAVA install and the Ask Toolbar, Samsung deciding to disable Windows Update and not admitting it, a new vision and mission for Microsoft, Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149, changes to Family Safety, continuing as an Insider, counting down to Windows 10 RTM and then finally a wrap up about my experience this past weekend witnessing the loss of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket which included Microsoft HoloLens as part of the cargo. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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