Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 76

Welcome to Episode 76 our post CES show and we cover a lot of news items from this past week as the flow of daily news returns to normal levels. Make sure you check out this weeks episodes of the Home Server Show and Surface Geeks, which were recorded last night to wrap up CES, as I talk with Jim Collison and Dave McCabe about the new tech we saw last week at the show. After that we jumped into a lot of different items including whether Surface needs a reboot; Windows 8 FTW in touch and mobility; employee confidence in Ballmer grows in 2012; Bing partners with Facebook in new Graph Search feature; analysts says only one million Surface RT devices were sold; learning about VPN’s; Quora publishes 100 best answers of all time; Windows Media Player DRM FAQ; new Xbox might be announced in March; Office 365 Preview will expire 60 days after official release of Office 2013; Start menu’s in Windows 8; Lastpass App updated for Windows Phone 8; learning from competition; SpaceX Grasshopper flight; critical IE flaw patched for IE6, IE7, and IE8; Nokia sells out the Lumia 920 in the Netherlands on day 1; cNet reporter resigns over DISH/CBS flap at CES; Windows 8 is helping retailers reach more customers; San Antonio library goes bookless; train on Cloud skills; change default app install location on Windows 8; Surface is cool says teens; GPS routes woman off track by over 800 miles; former Slingbox leader joins Xbox division; Microsoft HelpBridge App; Portico update available for HTC 8X on ATT; online security tips; CES doubles your traffic flow; Windows Dynamic theme catch-up; weathering the storms on Windows Phone App Flow; Microsoft is driving innovation with Windows 8; easy to install power related shortcuts for Windows 8 Start Screen; jail breaking Surface RT and Pokki’s Start Menu replacement and its app store. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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