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Sunday - February 25th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 177 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 177 of Observed Tech. I am back after a week in Redmond, WA attending the annual Microsoft MVP Summit on Microsoft’s Campus where I had the chance to meet with members of the Windows product team and connect with MVPs from all over the world. It is always great to be reminded that passionate people are working on the software and hardware we all use and my annual visits to Microsoft for this Summit does just that. In this episode we talk about the OneDrive storage situation that hit everyone by surprise last week, the Threshold 2 update for Windows 10 and the arrival of Windows 10 on Xbox One consoles later this week. Of course, mixed in throughout are other tidbits of news collected together over the last week or so. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 173 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 173 of Observed Tech. In this show I talk about the progress of Windows 10 as it enters its third month of overall availability. Included in that discussion is the current state of the one year old Windows Insider program and how many builds have been pushed to mobile and desktop testers. This weekend there was also a leak of Windows 10 Build 10558 and I tell you a few of the things I see in it that shows the continued improvements in the OS towards the Threshold 2 update due next month. Of course, many eyes will be on New York City this week and the big hardware event Microsoft is hosting on Tuesday. I will be there in NYC for the announcements and get some hands on time as well. Follow along on Twitter, me @WinObs and Rod Trent @RodTrent, for our SuperSite for Windows coverage and our instant analysis on the gear that gets announced. Of course, we will have plenty of follow up coverage over at the SuperSite as well. Finally, I spend some time talking Microsoft becoming a form factor trend setter as more manufacturers begin to copy the companies Surface device. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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