Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 130 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 130 where we get to talk small tablets and productivity among many other items. As I Start Up the discussion involves Universal vs Linked apps, the usability of Windows 8.1 on non-touch devices, Office Blog consolidations, Google Glass cost, Google scanning for ads, more businesses moving to Surface and Windows devices, doom and gloom for Apple’s tablet business, saving your business time and money, Samsung’s infringement on Apple patents and declaring AV dead. Of course there are many areas we keep an eye on each week and as always they cover items relating to Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Security, Cloud, Services, Hardware, Apps, Xbox and Social Media. Heading towards Shut Down I discuss Apple hoaxes, teacher training resources for Windows 8.1, trademarking Delve as a SaaS, lots of cable channels but few are watched, celebrating 50 years of BASIC, Sony store heading into Best Buy, tech support scams continue, products and Star Wars Day, 2048 game on Windows Phone, waving to flush and I wrap up talking about Surface Mini and productivity on small tablets. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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