Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 90

Welcome to Episode 90 – slowly closing in on our 100th show! As I was finalizing the show notes for this episode a bunch of news broke about the whole Google vs Microsoft situation with a Cease and Desist Letter from Google to Microsoft about the new Windows Phone YouTube App Microsoft released a couple of weeks ago. Of course, that meant a shuffle of topics and we dive straight into that discussion at the top of the show. We did take the time to mention an awesome giveaway for the new DrivePop Cloud Backup Solution being offered by friend of the show Rob Boirun of BurnWorld.com which we mentioned last week. Thanks to Rob we have three unlimited accounts for the DrivePop service to giveaway. Just head over to the WindowsObserver Facebook page as well as the DrivePop one and like them. We will draw the three winners from those pages and announce them in two weeks on 30 May 2013. Good Luck! We continue with our news review by discussing the firmware updates released this week for Surface RT and Surface Pro which were among the Patch Tuesday security updates and the big update coming to Windows Phone 8 this summer. Other items on our list include the end of Xbox points as a currency, using File History on Windows 8, the new BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone and the Lumia 925 announcement this week. We talk about the confirmed Windows 8.1 update, the SkyDrive photo interface update, a great deal on the Dell XPS 10 Windows RT device, free touch or type covers for those in the UK who are buying Surface RT or Pro and the new Amazon Cloud Player for Windows desktop. Then we bring things to a close as we talk about the big carriers joining forces against texting and driving, the US Navy’s X-47B making its first carrier launch, and the Instagram for Windows Phone Twitter account that really wasn’t official after all. Finally, I attempt my show closing in Klingon but can thankfully point you towards the new Bing Translator update that helps you understand what I tried to say in Klingon. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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