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Saturday - July 13th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 62

Welcome to Episode 62 of the show. Lots of news discussed from the past week including Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 announcements and the subsequent apologies for misleading ads and photos. Other things we cover are a teen from the UK who launched a camera 20 miles into space; Clean installing Windows 8 by default; Amazon announces HD Kindle Fire tablets and new Kindles with ads and then gives customers an opt-out option from the ads after pressure from consumers; remembering BBS’s documentary; Bing will be default search engine on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets; Microsoft and Yahoo formalize their search alliance; Hootsuite buys up Seesmic; Xbox 360 now has 20 straight months as top selling console; nearly half of mobile users will click unsafe links in the next 12 months; differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7 backup systems; Windows browser choice screen returns to EU customers; Windows Phone 8 features revealed; Sprint not planning to carry Windows Phone for now and Verizon looking at adding more Windows Phones to its offering; Nokia Music live now for Lumia customers in the US; more details about new Twitter API come out; Steve Ballmer says 400 million devices will run latest version of Windows on phones, tablets and PC in 12 months; the first Linux Ultrabook costs just as much as Windows based machines; dirtiest keyboard ever; Windows 8 RTM keyboard shortcuts; Windows Live division now known as Windows Services and email is 30 years old. As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

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