Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 72

Welcome to Episode 72 and you might call this one the Microsoft Surface RT Retail episode but I promise I do talk about other stuff as well! I do start off introducing you to the Tech Podcast Network Roku channel for those of you who own a Roku which provides you another means to access this and many other great tech podcasts. The show kicks off with a discussion of the recent retail expansion of Microsoft Surface RT into Staples and Best Buy here in the US. Suffice it to say that the retail presentation at both stores leave s a lot to be desired. Then we dive into things like Surface being more profitable per unit than iPad; possibility of Nokia pursuing a 10 inch Windows RT tablet; RhinoSoft being acquired by SolarWinds and making FTP Voyager a free program for all; WordPress 3.5 flying past 1 million downloads in just a couple of days; the official Adobe Reader App for Windows Store; App.net API improvements; why IE10 is good for your business; NASA’s Johnson Space Center goes Gangnam Style; Windows Live Mesh retirement in February 2013; Google pulling EAS support for accounts; more mature games coming to Windows Store including GTA IV; Google brings more integration to YouTube on Google+; Nokia’s PhotoBeamer App for Windows Phone 8; Rowi Twitter app update for Windows Phone flies; my Geek Gift Ideas for 2012; the Windows Phone 8 OTA update experience; a possible brightness fluctuation bug after the latest WP8 updates and a fix; my guest appearance on the Surface Geeks PODCAST Episode 9 and my plans for a post Christmas Google+ Hangout to answer all those tech questions about your new goodies! Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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