Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 250 #OTP

Welcome to the 250th Episode of Observed Tech. I started this podcast in November 2009 with a beta episode that was about five minutes long to test my hardware setup. It has taken a while to get here but I value this milestone because of all the people who have listened to an episode of Observed Tech. Whether this is your first episode or your 250th – thanks for making this journey a lot of fun over the last nine years! In this episode I discuss the final steps that occurred earlier this week for the legacy Penton sites I wrote for and their full move to IT Pro Today and our new centralized tech portal for Informa/KNect365. You can use my author page at the new site to keep up with what I am writing over there. As for content – as the name suggests – our move is more towards IT Pros and similar roles in business and enterprises. We will still be covering Windows 10 and hardware but expanding with more cross platform coverage for mobile, desktop and the cloud. I then introduce you to someone who has been hanging out in my Home Office since this past July and share a little about that experience. Of course, there is plenty of Microsoft, Windows, and Xbox news across our rundown of the headlines from the past week. Be sure to listen all the way to the end so you do not miss anything in those and all the other news tidbits that I pulled together for you this week. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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