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Saturday - July 13th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 312 #OTP

This week we have our normal collection of updates for Windows Insiders with the latest builds and progress across a couple of development branches for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge (Chromium).¬†However, I begin with an explanation of the final state of my link curation process to avoid Twitter’s aggressive algorithms plus I get on my soapbox about headlines and misdirection with one privacy related story I read this week. After that it is our normal weekly run down of updates around apps, services, security, hardware, social media, and gaming. At the end of it all I mention a couple of space items that you should be aware of as the next five years are going to be crazy as NASA heads back to the moon! Make sure you listen from start to finish to catch all the headlines.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 248 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 248 of Observed Tech. In this weeks show we talk about the final stages before the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, what build we believe is the final one, and how this last week before the global release of the fourth feature update for Windows 10 will play out. The big news of the week was Microsoft’s withdrawal from the consumer market as they decide to drop Groove Music Pass and partner with Spotify for premium music streaming on Windows 10 devices. While the move upset many and ignited discussions about Microsoft’s non-consumer approach, I found Spotify to be a huge upgrade to Groove. If not for Microsoft’s move, I might not have ever learned about the Spotify experience. In mobile Microsoft news we talk the new Microsoft Launcher for Android and Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android and how they tie into Microsoft’s vision of Windows Timeline. Of course there are plenty of other tidbits sprinkled throughout the show so listen all the way to the end. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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