Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 75

Welcome to Episode 75 – three quarters of a century! OK actually three quarters of a hundred episodes but it feels good to hit these unique numbers that end in 5 and 0. Just 25 more shows until we hit that really magical 100th episode. With CES 2013 happening this week we of course talk about what we have seen out there but we also discussed some other news items that have popped up in the past week. Some of the things we cover include podcasting predictions for this year; what your next form factor purchase might be; Microsoft gets some big business for Office; the experience of moving from an iPhone to a Windows Phone; Best Buy apparently lost $65K on iPhone sales in discount battle against Walmart; Jump Start training kit for Windows Phone 8 developers; Microsoft not happy about FTC decision on Google Antitrust investigation; dying Trekkie gets to see next Star Trek movie; Amazon begins AutoRip service; Windows Automatic updating FAQ; Nokia Lumia 820/920 phones launch in India; Fast startup in Windows 8 can cause issues in dual boot with other OS’s; avoiding the time suck economy; mobile shopping up 81% in 2012; Microsoft’s Xbox advertising helps crack code on interactive ads; Google restores access to mobile maps for Windows Phone users; check out IllumiRoom from Microsoft Research; consoles set to rebound in sales with release of next gen consoles; learn 5 things about wireless charging; Nokia enters the business infrastructure; see ya later Windows live Messenger; 100 million app downloads and 60 million licenses for Windows 8; Surface RT firmware update; Dropbox is official on Windows 8 now; Surface pro in depth peek; 24 months with Xbox 360 leading console sales in US; Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone getting updated for Windows Phone 8 and a reminder about our Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Mobile Keyboard giveaway. We also apologize once again for missing the first #ObservedTech Weekly Chat and invite everyone to the inaugural chat next week. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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