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Wednesday - August 10th, 2022

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 8)

Last episode we recorded in our reconfigured podcast studio. Now we are live streaming our recording session via YouTube. Now you can see my face, hands, and eyes as I share faith, tech, and space. I have updates on my own faith formation, current tech headlines, and some space news in this episode. Much of what we discuss is impacted by the current lock downs and stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Working From Home and Remote Working is the new norm and many of these changes are likely to become more permanent when we return to whatever normal is in the coming months. Some of the headlines we catch up on include the latest for Windows and Edge Insiders, talk about the transition of Office 365 to Microsoft 365 for personal and family use, and how companies are adapting to the current situation. We also discuss Microsoft’s decision to go virtual with all their in-person events until at least July 2021 and what impact COVID-19 is and is not having on launches and other space news including the first potential launch of astronauts from U.S. soil in May.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 298 #OTP

It was a great time to be a Windows Insider this past week as there were client, server, and development releases for testers. The Windows 10 (19H1) Build 18323 release also marked a significant milestone in the seventh feature updates development cycle and I break that all down for you to start the show off. We then talk about the future of the Windows Insiders Program, including what this upcoming feature update is likely to be called, updates for the retail release of Windows 10, and a rundown of some of the key improvements in the 19H1 update that is expected in April 2019. There are also all kinds of other tidbits scattered through the show so stay tuned in from the start to the finish of the episode so you catch everything.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 148 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 148. This is our post Windows 10 focused episode but we still have lots of Windows 10 information to be discussed. In fact, something tells me there will be no shortage of Windows 10 info for the next year or so. Now that the Windows 10 Technical Preview has been out for a couple of weeks different enthusiasts have been poking under the hood and discovering some pretty handy information about where Windows 10 may be headed. I also spend some time talking about the new Microsoft hardware I recently reviewed that is either already available or will be out by the end of the month. There is also plenty of news on the Surface front from a huge conference give away, new Surface Pen firmware and a new app to manage some Surface Pro 3 settings. Also up for discussion is Microsoft popularity as a global brand, a mis-step by their new CEO and an in-depth look at the three Microsoft CEO’s and where the company is heading by Vanity Fair. Of course there are many other items to be discussed this week so make sure you listen in to catch all the news. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 89

Welcome to Episode 89. I am pleased to introduce you to a new player in the home PC backup to the cloud world called Drive Pop which comes our way from friend of the show Rob Boirun of BurnWorld.com. It offers some great options for some very, very competitive rates so I hope you check it out. We then continue with the show talking about the World Wide Web marking 20 years of being around, a big registrar getting hacked and losing user data so we also talk about some suggestions for creating solid passwords. There are then news items on PhoneSats in orbit, Google+ Hangouts getting new features, Star Trek Apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 released nearly simultaneously, other new WP apps for Tumblr, MetroTube, more hero apps for the Microsoft mobile platform and assurances from Joe Belfiore that WP 7.X users will also see updates to these big name official apps. Continuing on the Windows Phone news there is the release of WP 7.8 for Nokia Lumia 900 owners that is hitting the OTA airwaves this week. Of course, we have some Twitter related news as we do nearly every week, Microsoft talking Windows 8 sales at six months as well as confirming Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 coming out this summer for preview and how busy they are issuing take down notices to Facebook trademark infringing apps in its Windows Store. When any news about Windows 8 comes out you can expect the Acer President, who has been very vocal about Windows 8 itself, to speak up about his views and he does so on the Windows 8.1 update. We close things up talking about an IE8 vulnerability, the inadvertently revealed 8 inch Windows 8 tablet, the recently announced Acer Aspire R7 with its unique design and new features in the Windows 8 mail app relating to the updates at Outlook.com. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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