Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 104

Welcome to Episode 104! After I wrapped Episode 103 last week I was really expecting things to be pretty slow for Friday and the weekend. How wrong was I about that? So I start this show off talking about the unexpected retirement announcement from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer last Friday morning and the release of Windows 8.1 to manufacturers. Both of those events made for a very busy weekend of tech news as folks all over the web started grading Ballmer’s time as CEO, who his replacement should be and the chorus of enthusiasts/developers who were wondering why Microsoft was not going to release Windows 8.1 before General Availability in October. However, there were other news items during this past week and I got to a few of them in the show as well: SkyDrive App in Windows 8.1, all businesses can benefit from Windows 8.1, the end of Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 Dashboard update released, Feedly Cloud RSS Reader goes Pro, Sinofsky is now advising the folks at Box, Nokia getting Sirius about a Windows RT tablet, Tablets sales lose some fizzle, Windows Phone Dev annual subscription for $19 gets extended, Surface Pro price cut becomes permanent, National Geographic photographer and a Nokia Lumia 1020 makes the West look great, Windows Phone takes on malware, everyone but Windows Official Apps can report abuse now via Twitter, WordPress is getting a social media curation feature for blog posts, a Windows user experiences a Mac Mini and lives to tell about it and the 3%. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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