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Tuesday - July 16th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 125

Welcome to Episode 125 and despite it being recorded on April Fool’s day here in the US there is not one single April Fool’s related story in this show! However, there are plenty of news items from the past week including Microsoft huge announcement about Office for iPad and how quickly those apps shot up the popularity chart in the Apple App Store. The majority of tech sites were pretty positive about the announcement as well as how Satya Nadella did in his first public appearance as Microsoft’s CEO. As a result of the Office for iPad news and the continued perception of Satya Nadella’s performance as CEO Microsoft stock is approaching $50 per share and is at the highest level it has been at for many years. That has to be making shareholders very happy. I also discuss some of the other product areas we expect news about, including Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1, during this weeks Build Conference in San Francisco. That means next week will be a show full of stuff as well. It sure is a good time to be a Microsoft Observer! Other items we are keeping an eye on this week include More services pulling their support in third party apps, Amazon looking for avid gamers, Malicious apps and Android phones, Pebble watch will work with Windows 8/Windows Phone 8, Lenovo battery recall for Thinkpads, Ad supported video streaming from Amazon, Roku on TV’s, MP3tunes founder liable for $41 million for copyright violations, Microsoft takes privacy of your email one step further in investigations, More senior leadership changes at Microsoft, The evolution of email, Cloud First, Mobile First at Microsoft, Project Lite in the cloud, Office 365 gets a huge growth spurt thanks to Office for iPad, The Cloud War that is brewing, Dropbox and DMCA takedowns in private folders, Stolen Twitter accounts more valuable than credit cards, Protecting your social media channels from phishing, Malware infections rates double, Windows 8.1 deployments and security features, Windows XP has one week left, Windows Phone 8.1 is in OEM hands already, Hexic and Star Wars Assault Team hit all Microsoft screens at once, Microsoft cleaning up the Windows Phone Store, Tiny Planets PRO for Windows Phone, New Building Apps Blog coming soon, Xbox gets new apps on One and 360, Xbox One reputation warnings started to go out, Xbox Games with Gold for April includes Hitman and Deadlight Free, New Xbox Chief says gaming will be the core experience moving forward, Surface 2 making a name for itself, Surface accessories come and go, Facebook goes virtual and gest one billion mobile users as well, Twitter lets you tag others in pictures. Twitter thinks about changing Retweet to Share, Faithful Hacking, Dealing with old gadgets, Productivity tips from Scott Hanselman, New wireless mice from Microsoft, Elon Musk and taking on challenges when they might fail, T-Mobile says farewell to corporate discounts, Settlement credit for past eBook purchases and help with Sculpt Wireless Bluetooth mouse on Windows 8.1. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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