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Tuesday - July 16th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 260 #OTP

Welcome to episode 260 of Observed Tech. This week we focus on the big news that recently came out of Redmond – the massive reorganization at Microsoft which includes the departure of Windows CVP Terry Myerson and the splitting up of the Windows team across two engineering groups. This change, which places Windows at least two leadership layers below the CEO, is significant as the role of Windows at Microsoft continues to change. No longer is Windows the bread and butter of the software giant – now it is all about the cloud, artificial intelligence, and edge computing. Prior to diving into my take and summary of this realignment, I catch everyone up on the latest when it comes to Redstone 4, Redstone 5, and what we should be expecting next as this upcoming feature update gets ready for general availability. Normally I would have several other headlines in an episode of the show but since this is focused on the reorganization the only outside item on the agenda is about the new DNS service from Cloudflare and APNIC. The service, which was announced on April Fool’s Day but wasn’t a joke, promises faster DNS translation and privacy around your DNS lookups/browsing. I already have it setup across my home network and so far it is proving to be quite fast and improving my overall browsing experience. Lastly, my apologies for the interruptions due to my allergy related cough a few times in this episode. I am really hoping this sorts itself out in the next few days. I appreciate your patience and as always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 124

Welcome to Episode 124. Big point of discussion in this show relates to the recent Microsoft IP theft investigation which included looking into the Hotmail account of one of the individuals involved in those leaks. The reaction by the Internet has been interesting to say the least and in many ways predictable. Along with that we also talk about helping the family get online with Skype, Amazon’s possible streaming device, US giving up control of Internet DNS, Sony upping the price of PS4 by $50 in Canada while Microsoft drops Xbox One down by $50, Google and their continued lack of support for Windows Phone, the backlash to Amazon’s Prime rate increase, Samsung poking at all major brands in their latest commercial, layoffs at Sprint and Nilay Patel moving on from The Verge. Other items we are keeping an eye on this week include Possible iPad for Office announcement, Microsoft stock hitting a 14 year high, Microsoft updates remote desktop apps for other platforms, More Microsoft Stores coming soon in US, Microsoft-Nokia deal will now close in April due to regulatory delays, Xbox One expanding reach into 26 new markets this Fall, Marc Whitten departs Xbox and Microsoft, Titanfall release impacting Xbox One sales, Nokia Lumia 1520 and gamers, Windows Phone search improves to push down spammy apps in results, Windows 8.1 deployment, Getting ready for Windows XP end of support on 08 April 2014, Get $100 for trading in your old Windows XP machine, Computer hijacking and ransoms, OneNote goes free for all, Free Office 365 resources, Surface 2 with LTE released, Surface Power cover first impressions, Science Fair challenge wins over 12 year old to Surface instead of iPad Mini, Free Touch Cover with Surface purchase at Microsoft Store’s until Saturday, Windows Azure name change, Messaging History folder on Outlook.com being removed soon, Two Factor Authentication directory, Hubble Turns 24, Comparing Nokia Lumia 1520 to old tech, Mac Pro will no longer run Windows 7 in Boot Camp, The need for netter app store measuring tools and metrics, Office Online Apps are also free Google, Microsoft named one of world’s most ethical companies for 4th year in a row, Open Source MVP’s, Windows Store exceeds 150,000 apps, An Apple Lover converts to Windows and the Internet freaks out, Experience of buying a Windows PC and Buffer takes care of business. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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