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Sunday - February 25th, 2024

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 296 #OTP

We begin this episode with a reminder that the Windows 7 End of Lifecycle Support clock is ticking and pointing out a Twitter account that you can follow to keep up with the countdown. We also had a new Windows Insider build to talk about along with a new reserved storage enhancement that is rolling out. I share some of my observations on what could be a key success factor for future Windows 10 upgrades. After that we dive into our normal list of things like app updates, the latest on the January 2019 Patch Tuesday, Xbox gaming related news, and a quick rundown of all the new hardware announced last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

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Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 217 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 217 of Observed.Tech and our first show of the new year. As we get 2017 kicked off I share about my experience attending CES in Las Vegas for the first time ever and what I saw there which caught my eye. I then take a look at some recent news about Windows 7 and its security profile plus take a closer look at the first two Windows 10 Redstone 2, aka Creators Update, and talk about the massive feature bump that has started 2017 off for the upcoming feature update for Windows 10. Privacy, Microsoft, and Windows 10 came back into the forefront of everyone’s thoughts as Microsoft announced a new privacy portal for your Microsoft Account and changes that will put privacy on Windows 10 front and center with the Creators Update. Next up are a couple of leaks/rumors that indicate we might see a new Windows Shell for Windows 10 and an eBook section in the Windows Store. I also make my plug for a podcast section as well since the Windows Store is apparently expanding. After this I talk about new hardware, testing YubiKey for Windows Hello, and a couple of new Microsoft acquisitions to start 2017. Of course, as always there are other tidbits scattered throughout the show such as the end of Windows Essentials, ads in Windows 10, price cuts for Windows 10 licensing, Xbox One vs PS4 in 2016, and app downloads seeing an increase in 2016. Enjoy the show and thanks again for listening throughout 2016 and it looks like 2017 is going to be a fun ride as well!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 154 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 154 – the first episode of the new year! As we begin 2015 there are some very exciting events to kick off the new year. It all starts with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and although Microsoft does not have a keynote anymore there was plenty of hardware OEM’s showing off their new devices featuring Windows 8.1. The spanned from inexpensive to high end and should encourage PC users that the days of solid performance and hardware for PC’s is far from over. There was also a blatant knock off of the Microsoft Surface hardware line from a group of ex-Googlers and this Remix Ultra Tablet not only looked like Surface but their marketing nearly duplicated the selling points of Surface itself. Of course, in about 10 days we have the big consumer related reveal for the Windows 10 Technical Preview and based on some leaks and other indications this should be a pretty big day in the development of Windows 10. We also have other fun and interesting tidbits to share with you including my continuing experience with Microsoft Band. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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