Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 129 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 129 and on what we hope is our new scheduled day for recording the show – Wednesday’s. Well at least that is the plan until it needs to change. We Start Up talking about some retro-gaming that was dug up out in the New Mexico desert, Comixology ceasing sales via their iOS and Android apps after their purchase by Amazon, Amazon’s grab of some great HBO series for streaming, the demise of Google+, an Adsense accusation of unfairly banning publisher accounts that made money, slowing iPad sales leading to innovation in the hybrid PC market, increasing Internet speeds, Amazon Prime memberships being up despite fee hike and the possibility of them creating their own delivery network and this one is not drone based. Of course there are many other things we had our eye on this past week and they included the standard subject areas including Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Security, Cloud, Services, Hardware, Apps, Xbox and Social Media. In the Shut Down segment I talk about how some cable companies are opening up a channel for Netflix to stream on, the Office for iPad Product Guide, dual booting, Bing in the Classroom, teaching coding, developing for OneDrive, hackathons and their purpose, looking back on those cool Nokia phone from the past, Mary Jo Foley on the Yet Another Podcast and some space related news to close things out. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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