Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 143 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 143. This week I am testing a new method of recording the show for when I am away from my home recording studio. I am using a handheld digital audio recorder to record the main element of the show and then I will edit that into my standard opening and closing sequences to see how it all fits together. Luckily I have Audacity and I can tweak the recording to improve the sound but expect it to sound a little different this week.
Many topics get covered in this weeks show including the recent hack of Apple’s iCloud, more fan funding non-sense this time on YouTube, fake cell phone towers, NFL apps gone wild on Windows Phone for the new NFL football season, the small form factor Windows 8 devices that were announced this past week at IFA2014 in Europe and the newest Nokia Lumia’s as well. Of course, there is always Windows 9 Threshold news as we get ever closer to that expected technical preview at the end of September and we also talk about Cortana having some fun at Siri’s expense plus Cortana’s recent personality tweak. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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