Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 69

Welcome to Episode 69 of Observed Tech. In this show we talk about Consumer Camp; a Windows 8 book giveaway; the Microsoft Surface RT and how it fits in the Microsoft Ecosystem and your home network; launch of the Surface RT Owner Feedback program; 40 million Windows 8 licenses being sold in first month and some other related stats; Microsoft and carriers about to ship out first Over The Air (OTA) update to Windows Phone 8 devices with reboot issue; Xbox 360’s huge numbers on Black Friday; Tweetro+ imminent release; Outlook.com and their 25 million active users; Living With Lumia – how a real tech review should be done; Nokia Lumia 920 vs DSLR in Night Photography challenge; an idea for refunds in all the app stores out there and how the Abominable Snow Monster uses Windows Phone for speed dating! Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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