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Monday - June 27th, 2022

Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 209 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 209 of Observed.Tech! In today’s show I start off talking about the trip to Atlanta next week for Microsoft’s annual Ignite Conference and what the week is looking like for keynotes, sessions and other events. It is going to be a busy week but it looks like myself and David Smith from the Surface Smiths Podcast will be getting together to record Episode 210 of Observed.Tech at some point. We will talk about Ignite, Surface and any other tech news stuff that pops into our heads. I also mention another podcast, this one from Dave McCabe, which is called RESET and will be about all kinds of subjects including tech, tools and resources. Dave recently ended the Home Server Show podcast which he has been doing since the early days of Windows Home Server and RESET is his new endeavor. In other areas we talk about exploding batteries in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and those that will not charge properly on the Surface Pro 3. Both are being addressed but continue to be filled with issues with one being much more dangerous than the other and thus the subject of a federal recall. No Observed.Tech show would be complete without talk about Windows 10 and its ecosystem so we cover new apps, Project Centennial (aka Desktop Converter), the end and removal of the Get Windows 10 App from Windows 7/8.1 systems and Microsoft Edge still ruling the roost when it comes to battery efficiencies. As always, you can expect plenty of other tidbits throughout the episode including Xbox gaming news, HP blocking third party ink cartridges in their printers and Outlook’s new way of sharing files/images on the web based email service. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 128 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 128. We kick things off in this show by updating our experience with the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview over the past week including several tips and tricks for the latest version of Microsoft’s phone operating system. In our Start Up segment I talk about renting gadgets, Google’s checking out of your incoming and outgoing Gmail, another big credit card breach, laptop battery warnings from Sony, sales tax on Amazon purchases for those of us who live in Florida, a Maxpad large screen Windows 8.1 PC/TV and Instagram reassigning a supposedly dormant user account to an employee. Of course there are many other things we had our eye on this past week and they included The Mobile First/Cloud First/Data First Microsoft, Carriers now backing a kill switch on phones, Nokia will become Microsoft Mobile when acquisition closes later this week, Microsoft picks up the Windows update release pace, More about Cortana, Windows business for Microsoft is far from dead, Enabling Enterprise mode in IE11, The cheap custom XP patches is not what you think it is, Using Windows 8.1 compared to Windows XP, More Windows Phone 8.1 features, Windows Store redesign, Built in Apps on Windows Phone 8.1 vice system integration, New Windows Phone Dev Center blog, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 side by side, Dual SIM Nokia Lumia 630, Use SMS/Text to add calendar appointments in Windows Phone 8.1, The Me Tile in Windows Phone 8.1 has changed significantly, The new and improved calendar in Windows Phone 8.1, VPN on Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox Music update for Windows Phone 8.1 arriving soon, Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center, Windows Phone 8.1 Volume Controls, Devs can begin replying to Windows Phone Store App reviews, Favorite tweaks on Windows Phone 8.1 from a dedicated iPhone user, Windows Phone 8.1 grabbing attention of users, Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone 8.1 released, PS4 vs Xbox One March sales update, Office 365 Personal now available, Office 365 IT Pro Network, Outlook.com users can now import Yahoo Mail to their accounts, Basic pricing tier rolled out for Azure, Intel’s take on tablets, Gross gadgets, All in One Media Keyboard from Microsoft, Lenovo FLEX 2 laptops, Asus VivoTab Note 8 review, Belkin’s latest beast of a router, Privacy and cloud computing, Ears for Microsoft Surface, Password Managers, Liking brands on Facebook and your legal rights, Twitter web profiles updated, Comcast bills and scammers, Building Windows App in Windows Phone App Studio, New Microsoft Specialty Stores opening soon, Buy instead of rent your cable modem, NASA JPL IT Director talks future of IT, Bing gets personalized cards, World Wide Telescope from Microsoft and Cortana-isms. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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