Microsoft recently released an update to their popular Microsoft To-Do list, tasks, and reminders app that adds a feature for Start Menu aficionados.

Microsoft To-Do is finally developing into a solid replacement for its spiritual predecessor Wunderlist which Microsoft acquired nearly four years ago.

This latest update now allows individual lists to be pinned to the Start Menu where they can take advantage of Windows 10’s Live Tile functionality and give you a glimpse of the items in that list. It is also a deep link so when you click on that Start Menu tile it takes you directly into that item and not just the default view of the app.

For those of you who are task lists junkies and fans of the Start Menu this new feature takes advantage of all those options.

Adding any existing task list to your Start Menu is simple Рjust use the Right Click Context Menu on top of any task lists in the app and select Pin to Start. Confirm your choice in the pop up dialog and the list will be added to your Start Menu as a medium sized live tile.

You can of course change that to a wide or large sized tile using the right click Context Menu on the default live tile.

The screenshots below will show you visually how to add your task list to the Start Menu to get started – pun intended.


Pinning Microsoft To-Do Lists to Your Start Menu Screenshot Gallery

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