By far, one of my favorite pieces of software is Microsoft’s OneNote.

Several years ago, after hearing a presentation at the 2013 MVP Summit about the software, I took the Observed Tech PODCAST paperless. I now have over 200 episodes of the show that have been done paperless – saving more than approximately 7,000 printed out sheets of paper because those show notes are in OneNote. Of course, I now use OneNote for all types of things but one aspect of note taking I never adopted with OneNote were quick items/reminders – you know – the kind of things you would write on a physical sticky note.

Well you have already heard about the release of Sticky Notes (Version 3) for Windows 10, here is my hands on with that when it came out back in August, and as expected the mobile version of Sticky Notes is now in beta testing as of yesterday.

Right now, Sticky Notes is only available on Android and it is integrated with the OneNote mobile app on that platform. If you are not a beta tester for the OneNote Android app you can sign up to join the program. Once you are signed up, the beta will become available for you to download on your device.

The mobile version of Sticky Notes works in conjunction with the Windows 10 desktop version of the app, that has now rolled out to all Windows 10 users, and I think the speed at which these notes sync across devices is the best feature. It is crazy fast and very impressive work by the team.

I am definitely looking forward to using digitally jotted notes across my devices instead of scraps of paper.

Check out the images below to get an idea of how the mobile version of Sticky Notes looks. The functionality is very straight forward and is very much inline with how the desktop version works.

Sticky Notes Beta on Android Screenshot Gallery